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The duty of our business is to inform you about “bail bond”. Bail bond is a written undertaking entered into by the defendant and the defendant’s sureties. It includes “surety bonds”, “cash bonds” and “personal bonds.”

The first type of bail bond is a bond executed by the criminal defendant as the “principal” and one or more “sureties” to secure his appearance before the Court, which is often referred to as a “surety bond.” The second type of bond is what is often referred to as a “cash bond.” “Cash bond” occurs when the criminal defendant executes the bond himself as principal and posts the entire amount of the bond in cash in lieu of having sureties sign the bond.

Another type of bond is a “Personal Bond”, also called “recognizances”. Most often encountered regarding bail in criminal cases. By filing a bail bond with the court, the defendant will usually be released from imprisonment pending a trial or appeal.

Bail bonds, other than “cash bonds” and “personal bonds,” are generally referred to as “surety bonds.” Such bonds may be made by “corporate sureties”. Although the term “corporate surety” is used throughout, not just any corporation qualifies to act as a surety to write bonds. Only corporations specifically licensed to act as sureties can make bonds, and the only corporations that qualify are insurance companies that are duly authorized as Rakia Business. Read more on the About Us page.